The Treatments That You Should Consider For The Excessive Sweating

When you are sweating during any form of work out, there is no big deal for that. Sweating in inappropriate places such as the offices and during interviews can cause embarrassment. Having the sweaty feet and hands have a medical remedy that can help to improve the situation. The following are the types of the treatments that you can go for to control the condition.


Consider The Iontophoresis Process


You should consider the iontophoresis to ease the process. The process is achieved when you sit with both your hands and the feet in a basin filled with water. The water helps to manage the process by preventing the sweat from reaching the surface of your skin. You should first visit the doctor to help you with the process. Once you have understood the concepts of the process, you should get an iontophoresis machine to help you manage the process. The process is one of the safest because it uses the electric current but it's not advisable for pregnant women and people with metal implants. For more facts about hyperhidrosis, visit this website at


The Use Of The Botulinum Toxin


You can improve your sweating condition by using the Botulinum toxin. It has the same properties as the medicine that is used to remove the wrinkles. The drug is certified and it can be used when the person sweats in the under arm and in the feet and palms. It regulates the sweat glands by presenting the release of the sweat.


The Use Of The Anticholinergic Treatments


These methods should only be used when the other treatment methods do not yield results. It should be used when the doctor has prescribed it. They are taken orally and they minimize the activation of the sweat glands. They have high rates of side effects such as the blurred vision, heart, and urinary complications. You should ensure that you are a perfect candidate before considering the drugs.


Use Of Surgical Operations


The use of the surgery is widely advertised by the surgeons. The treatment is only applicable to the people that have the severe cases of hyperhidrosis. It should be the last resolution, especially where other medications have failed. The process is very sensitive and once it is done it cannot be reversed. The process leads to compensatory sweating whereby the sweating shifts from one point to another. Know more about Iontophoresis machine here!


When you are considering the treatment of the excessive sweating, you should go for the medications that have better results. The use of the Iontophoresis has been very important in creating relieve to most patients. You should only consider the advanced treatments when the simplest types have failed.